Fallout 1: Final Boss

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The final boss fight to the original Fallout. What I love about this game is the fact that there are so many ways to go through it. The room that you first see in this video is actually behind a locked door. With a high enough science and lock picking skill, you can completely bypass the final boss, and simply activate the nuke, then run out. Alternatively, with some speech skill and some evidence, you can convince him that his mutant army won't work, because they lack the ability to reproduce, which is true, they're sterile. Also, for those that care, all the companions are still alive in this save, and sitting outside the Brotherhood of Steel building. Dogmeat is alive too, as you can see, stimpacks after every force field got him through the Mariposa Military Base. The fight itself is actually very easy, though I find it to be a bit random. If The Master does manage to land a critical hit on you, you will die even with full health, and he tends to crit fairly often, so it really comes down to luck. If you stand behind the pillars, step out, take a shot at him and then step back, his 2 robotic assistants will come after you, along with the super mutants, dragging things out, but may make things easier, depending on what kinds of weapons the mutants spawn with. Finally, you can always skip the talk with him and just run in firing, giving you the opportunity to attack first.The sound is pretty low, so you might have to turn up your volume to hear anything.

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